Smart homes for the nex and ex-gens

Building a home is a big decision in everyone’s life. Homes come with an emotional connect more than anything. It is a dream come true, a lifetime investment and a legacy to carry forward to the next generations. Many people prefer building individual homes that align with their personality and purpose. Technology interventions are changing the construction sector, as it is everything around us.

The massive expansion of population and subsequent increase in the number of families have resulted in an incredible number of homes being sprout, especially in cities and its outskirts. The housing sector too has gone digital. Digital solutions ensure systematic and flexible action during construction. From development to completion of a home or any other construction project, digital intervention is inevitable these days. 

Homes of all kinds, villas, apartments, flats, and hostels, of different scales, have made our cities a constantly expanding destination. The new generation is demanding for affordable homes. They have clear say on what they want to have and where they want to be. But the results are often unsought when you complete it or when you want to buy one. 

Homes you can afford

You might be living in a city where you are trying to pursue a stable and long-term career. You want a home you can afford. The demand is rapidly increasing. These turnarounds are a result of the rapid expansion of urban centres across the world. Ideas, businesses, people move across swiftly and smartly.

Keeping in mind the new government regulations, construction costs, the pressure of competitions, and the design conundrums, people are opting the choice of buying a home from a trusted builder.

Builders are aware of trends happening in every department. Most builders give you choices but some builders take the right choice for you. They solve the imminent problem of ‘worth’. They choose the right material for the right environment. 

They know contemporary home fashion. They know the requirements of the millennials. Builders are opting for new-gen choices like open floor plans and decks which are trending, as in apartments, in homes as well.

Cost is related to time, space and technology. 

Get smart with choices

But many millennial homeowners underestimate the cost of owning a home. They often miss out the cost on taxes and other ongoing responsibilities like maintenance.

Many builders have proven their capacity and power in terms of customer experience and coping with competition.

The next generation of homeowners wants smart, sleek and stylish homes. They want to spend more time with their friends and family. Some even prefer to spend their entire vacation indoors. Such people need spacious and functional homes, smart enough to know you.

And for those leaving their homes might want to check whether you both are connected! 

Smart & Intelligent Homes

Smart homes hear you and obey your instructions. Some very smart appliances and gadgets have made our homes even dearer. It was once a draw for the wealthy and today smart homes and home automation are becoming common.

Your home will be at your fingertip, if smart. It will hear your command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone. Lighting, home security, home theatre and entertainment, boilers, etc. can be controlled from anywhere in this world if they are put in your home network. 

Your home personality

Builders might want to be creative and skillful because the young generation is not all about contemporary. They like both old and new. They want their homes to look traditional as well as modern. Flats, apartments and home builders face this challenge of bringing traditional elements to their finished structure. 

The character is beneath the skin. A strong, rigid and enduring body is the key. Builders like BuiltTech who has the construction acumen sets the base for generations; for the new, and for the coming. 

BuiltTech integrated solutions, an award-winning firm, has a professional team in working out ideal homes for this generation. Their in-house architects and lineage have adequate experience in creating homes, its interiors and facades for the new, young and smart homeowners. 

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