Trendy vs. Timeless- How to Strike a Balance?

We all have that confusion. Trendy or timeless? Go with the classics or stick to what’s trending? These are the top questions that ring in everyone’s mind when moving into a new home or doing interior designing.

There is no specific answer to which option is correct. In fact, there is a merge between these two categories. Timeless, on one hand, is a safer bet and preferred over people who don’t want to take risks, while trendy comes into play when people like to experiment around and give the latest fads a go.

Here are some key points which will help you out on choosing between trendy and timeless.

1. What’s the budget in mind?

We all love to build a home in the style of our dreams with so many things we wish to incorporate into the living space. But all of this comes with a price. Quite literally. Sort out how much you wish to spend on the construction and interiors. Contact with the top construction companies in Kerala to broaden your perspective.

2. Choose your focus

What is missing in this room? Does this element match the walls? Should the stairs be built in a spiral? There are many confusions. When designing, first pick up a canvas, like a base theme that you want to keep. Make it neutral so that you can play around with the details without much risk. Emphasizing on the focal points, avoid clutter as much as possible. Minimalism is key. 

3. ‘A’ for Appeal!

It all comes down to appeal. We all have each of our ideas in mind, or maybe a bit perplexed on what to put and what not to. Consult an interior designing company helps you to bring out a clearer picture because what may sound beautiful to you may sound bizarre to another. When looking onto appeal, keep in mind things such as

  • A neutral backdrop to start with
  • Have straighter-lined profiles which help a great deal  
  • Use objects that can make it both classic and trending at the same time
  • When using trendy objects, use them as accents such as a lamp, or a chair, or a stand instead of filling up the whole area with trending materials.

4. How often do you want to revamp your space?

Admit it, we all like change. For some it is a year, maybe 5, a decade or even more. That said, we all get bored of seeing old furniture or the same wall color. This brings to the aspect of buying furniture or interiors based on the period we wish to keep it. For objects that you intend to keep for a temporary or shorter time, invest less in cash, while for a permanent one, cash out for quality.

5. Quality above all!

Looking for quality? Include builders that help custom design your homes. Builttech is a promising construction company in Kerala that provides quality construction and interiors so that you don’t have to worry about the possibility of anything going wrong.

All trends come and go, but timelessness lasts forever. The main challenge is to blend in both so that they go hand in hand to create a beautiful masterpiece! It all comes down to what you have in your mind and how it can be interpreted on the canvas. With the right assistance, make your dream space into reality and Builttech will help you achieve the same!

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