Maintenance Plans and Packages

Commercial, corporate and private establishments require maintenance services now and then, but for full-time assistance, they might not get anyone most of the times. Builttech Integrated Solutions who can provide the best property management service in Kerala can find the cure for this. Builttech is a Contractor and Re-designer, who has an in-house services division with a competent and extensive pool of resources and subcontractors.

The key to keep the cost of a property low is only by ensuring proper management and maintenance of the property. We partner with building owners or managers to help examine and evaluate a building to determine risks, maintenance plans, and necessary solutions.

Additionally, if you plan on upgrading, redesigning, or transforming the use of existing space, you need to ensure a smooth changeover.

With a full understanding of our clients and their varied requirements, we can provide quality building maintenance and repair services in various plans. With minimum disruptions to your daily businesses or activities, we can complete the maintenance with little or no delay.

Builttech, the best house maintenance services in Kerala provides a complete range of turn-key services with the comfort of having a single source for all your necessities. Builttech can build what you need and also help you maintain the facility you already have.

Scope of work includes maintaining the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and the basic civil systems which may include material and labour charges.

Builttech undertakes Troubleshooting, Maintaining, Repairing and if required changing materials or parts the existing home systems.

We provide different plans for our clients to choose from.

Plumbing, Electrical, Civil, Carpenter, Painter and HVAC Services, Appliance Repairs etc.

Water heater maintenance

Electric System Maintenance

Deep Cleaning Service (once a year)

Plumbing system service

Carpentry and Painter Checks

Handyman services for repairs.

General Pest Control Cover and additional deep cleaning services or Landscaping Consulting services and support.

Rain gutter cleaning

Preventive drainage check-ups

Deep Cleaning (semi-annually)

Annual pest control service

Appliance Tune-up

Landscaping Consulting and Advisory

+ everything in the standard plan.

Deep cleaning, Exterior Repairs, Evaluation, Landscaping, Furniture care, Repair and Renovation.

Deep cleaning (quarterly)

Exterior evaluation and service

Tree trimming

Furniture Care and repair


Handyman services for repairs

+ everything in classic Plan.

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Builttech stands out among the top Building Maintenance Services in Kerala, by providing efficient management services at lower operating costs, while continuing to deliver high quality. We take care of both planned and corrective maintenance services.